Turn up the Heat, Heat Tools and Their Uses

Turn up the Heat, Heat Tools and Their Uses

When it’s time to turn up the heat, you can use these versatile tools. Here are some neat tips on using heat around the house. 

Hot Glue

Easily found at any hobby or supermarket store, and a staple in any serious crafter’s cupboard, a hot glue gun has a wide variety of uses. The most obvious is that it provides an almost instant way to bind objects together. The strength of the bond will depend upon the two materials you intend to join and the class of glue and gun you work with. 

However, a glue gun has infinitely more uses than what appears at face-value. Hot glue can create amazing three-dimensional shapes and relief patterns on objects. It can help a loose ring fit more securely, or stop an area rug from sliding on the floor. You can make your own cabinet door slam buffers, jewelry, and appliques. 

Heat Gun and Iron

When you want the heat without the glue, a heat gun is the perfect tool for the task. You can use a heat gun to activate embossing ink, heat shrink tubes you get from a PTFE tubing wholesaler, or other temperature activated solvents and substances. It is a great way to have a consistent and focused stream of heat where you need it, and nowhere else. 

Not only can an iron keep your clothes and linens looking crisp and clean, but they can be used in a host of other ways as well. Irons can be helpful in transferring designs to t-shirts and bags, or used in combination with parchment paper to melt delicate and otherwise messy materials. They can help remove dents from furniture and carpet, and clean up spilled candle wax.  

Heat Shrink Tubes

You may not have considered calling a PTFE wholesaler before, but you will now. Heat shrink tubing or PTFE tubing is the best material you didn’t know you needed. It is invaluable to keep on hand as it has hundreds of uses. It is a flexible plastic tube that shrinks down to completely conform, protect, and cover nearly any shape. You can fix broken phone cords, shoelace ends, or key rings. You could wrap your own wires for computer building, or make a custom pencil grip. They are great to protect sharp edges and other elements that you don’t want exposed.

From purchasing heat shrink tubes from a PTFE wholesaler to getting a glue gun from your local hobby store, there are lots of ways you can turn up the heat, and your creativity around the house.

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