What to Do When Your Truck Breaks Down

What to Do When Your Truck Breaks Down

Truck owners and drivers must know what to do if ever their vehicle breaks down in the middle of the highway. It can be quite a tough situation to be in. Read on to learn a few tips you can follow to help you better handle such an emergency.

Don’t Panic

Make it a point to stay calm. The last thing you want to do when you find out that you have car trouble is panic. It’ll keep you from thinking clearly, and it’ll be harder to come up with solutions to get out of this sticky situation. So, take deep breaths and remember that you’ll eventually discover a way to solve this problem.

Move Your Vehicle Somewhere Safe

Depending on the kind of damage and your truck’s transmission type, you may still be able to move it. If your vehicle is automatic, you may have to wait until roadside assistance arrives at the scene.

Maneuver it to the side of the road or off of it if there’s an open space right next to it. This will keep it from blocking the highway and causing traffic. Other cars can safely pass by without having to slow down.

Turn Your Hazard Light On

When you park your car, turn on your hazard light. If you have a reflective emergency marker, hang this at the back of your vehicle. This way, drivers can see where you are even from far away. If you’re on the road or blocking some part of it, they may easily avoid you as they approach your location.

Inform People About the Situation and Call for Help

Thankfully, almost everyone has a mobile phone these days. So, it’s easy to contact someone, let them know what has happened to your truck, and inform them of your current location. They can help you think of ways to deal with the situation and even come to get you.

If you’re driving a truck for your company, call themĀ and let them know what happened. They may have a specific protocol that they want you to follow in situations like these. Then, you can inform your family and friends about your location and your condition. If you’re using a personally owned vehicle, this should be your first step.

You can then call for emergency roadside services to come and help you out. They’ll send a team of professionals to either address your truck’s problem or tow it to the nearest mechanic. If you’re in a seemingly dangerous area and it’ll take them quite some time to arrive, you may opt to contact 911 for further assistance.

Now you know what to do when your vehicle breaks down. From turning on your hazard light to calling for emergency mobile truck repair in Minot ND, all these tips will help you better handle this type of situation.

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