Top 7 Questions to Ask When Buying A Used Car

Top 7 Questions to Ask When Buying A Used Car

Buying a used car makes much more sense if you are on a budget. However, it is crucial to understand that every used car has a history. Therefore, if you have made up your mind about buying one, it is necessary to do some research.

Start by looking for online certified pre-owned car dealers. These dealers have plenty of options to offer, and thus you can expect to find a car which suits your taste as well as pocket. Furthermore, dealers like have conducted a thorough inspection of every car they deal in. They know the car well, and can give you an honest info.

Once you have found the car of your dreams, we insist you inquire a few things about it. To help you with this, here we have listed the top 7 questions which you must ask before buying a used car. These are basic questions, but can tell a lot about the car you are dying to take for a spin.

Questions to ask before buying a used car

  1. Why are you selling it?

Make sure to ask this question, if you are directly dealing with the owner. Usually, the owner will have a very convenient story ready as an answer for this question, but don’t believe whatever you are told. Use your instincts and if you smell something fishy, don’t buy.

  1. Was the car maintained properly?

It is very important to inquire about the maintenance history of the car. Ask the dealer to provide you with the records of routine maintenance, oil change, mechanical work done, etc. A reliable car dealer or owner will have all these records well-maintained.

  1. Who all have owned the car?

Knowing the ownership history will tell you plenty about the vehicle. Ideally you would want to buy a car which was owned by one or max two owners and was cared for dearly.

  1. Is there any feature which isn’t working?

Most of the older used cars have something or the other wrong with them. Some of the features are not very important, but some definitely are. For instance, a broken CD player is not a very big deal, but if the hot or air conditioning system is not working well, it’s better you reconsider buying.

  1. Has the car been in any accident?

You will usually find this detail on the vehicle’s history report. If you do, inquire how the car was damaged and how was it fixed.

  1. Can I have a test drive?

It goes without saying that taking a test drive is necessary. After all, it is important to know how the car performs on highways, on hills, in traffic, etc. Also, if you find that the seller is reluctant about allowing you to go for a test drive, it is a clear sign that you shouldn’t be buying it.

  1. Can I get the car inspected by my mechanic?

Any genuine dealer will allow you to do so. However, do this only if you are sincerely interested in the car.

There are many other things which you must inquire about. However, for starters, asking the above-mentioned questions will help a lot.

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