Tips To Help You Emerge As A Responsible And Skilled Driver

Tips To Help You Emerge As A Responsible And Skilled Driver

Safe driving is very crucial as things can turn awry in a split second. If only all drivers received proper safety education and training, the occurrence of accidents would drop down significantly. Well-trained drivers are less likely to be involved in accidents.

Find a supervisor:

You can choose to drive with anyone who has held an open license at least for a year. Taking professional driving classes in conjunction with regular practice driving is beneficial. LTrent Driving School offers Safer Drivers Course for Australian citizens. They offer both in-class and live driving sessions. Their course is highly informative and makes you a better driver.

Before taking up a driving course:

  •       Learn the basics beforehand:Ask your family member or any elder to explain about the car controls. Having a little bit of knowledge about car controls before starting your driving lessons leaves you less clueless.
  •       Take time in choosing your instructor: Call a few reputed driving schools in your area and enquire about their experience, qualifications, how much they charge and decide accordingly. It is good to go by word of mouth reviews too.
  •       Selection of transmission mode: Though people are recommended to try and learn to operate a manual car, it isn’t for everyone. Many find automatic cars to be convenient and fuel-efficient. But if you hold a license for an automatic car, you aren’t allowed to operate manual cars.
  •       Practice using your car: You’ll learn easier if you practice driving using your own car. You can drive under the supervision of a licensed driver until you pass the practical driving test. Each time you go practice driving, follow all the instructions you were taught by your instructor.

 Listen to the valuable tips of the instructor on aspects like speed and mirror check and learn from mistakes: Mistakes are unavoidable. Rather than dwelling on it, learn from it and try your best to avoid committing the same mistake.

Safe driving tips:

Preparing your car:

Check if the tires have a minimum 1.5mm tread. Check the fuel level, position your seats, mirrors in such a way that you have better control and visibility. Check the location of important controls like hand break, demister, indicator, windscreen wiper and ensure they are operating properly.

Driving at night:

  • Turn your headlights on
  • Slow down when there is an approaching vehicle flashing a high beam and let the vehicle pass

Driving in foggy or rainy weather:

  • Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle driving in front of you
  • Refrain from sudden braking, turning or accelerating
  • Turn on your demister or air conditioner so that windscreen doesn’t fop up blocking your view

Driving on mountains:

  • Keep your speed in check and look out for yellow signs
  • Maintain an extra following distance
  • Be extra careful when you are behind large vehicles

With the traffic getting heavier day by day, safe driving is more important than ever. Be vigilant, keep your gaze focused on the road and follow the rules to ensure safety for yourself and others on the road.

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