Important Indications That Show Your Vehicle Is In Need Of Service

Important Indications That Show Your Vehicle Is In Need Of Service

Your vehicle might be giving you important signals that you can be ignoring. If you wish to stay on the road, you need to attend to them quickly. Your car would need to be serviced on a regular basis as per the guidelines of the manufacturer. In this article, we will list a few warning signs that show your car requires a trip to the garage.

How to find the right auto repair firm?

In our busy lives, taking out time to perform a lot of research to find the best firm for maintenance of your vehicle is difficult. However, never avoid scheduled maintenance of your vehicle.

Perform a comparison of features, price, negotiation, and selection of repair services can help you find the best deal for you.  Greg’s Japanese Auto is one of the reputable names in the auto repair services in King County.

Signs that require immediate attention

Engine warning light

Most of the modern cars come with automated features that indicate to you of any problem that the system is experiencing at that moment. If you see a yellow light then it prompts the driver to check the engine.

You need to head to a garage to identify any engine related trouble and get it repaired soon. There is a special type of light that indicates the time of the next service. This helps the vehicle owner to not forget about the periodic vehicle maintenance.

Strange sounds

Hearing strange sounds from your vehicle is another indication of a serious problem in the car. Following are the sounds that you might come across during driving a vehicle:

  • Whining sound from the bonnet – Loose belt is the reason for this sound. It can be due to overheating, battery issues or any other problem.
  • Louder exhaust noise – Such sound indicates a crack or a hole in the exhaust.
  • Non-uniform engine noise – This noise implies that the engine is backfiring and requires fixing pronto.
  • Howling while stepping on the brake – This type of sound implies a sign of worn-out brake pads.
  • Crunching gears – This noise is experienced at the time of shifting gears. Your gearbox experiences a lot of damage, and fluids and other components require replacement. If you hear this sound, then you need to get your vehicle serviced.

Steam or smoke emitting from the bonnet

Overheating of the engine can cause white smoke to appear. However, if you find blue smoke emitting from the car, then take it to the nearest authorized garage soon.

Blue smoke is due to the burning of oil. Resolve it soon to avoid becoming a costly problem in the future. Excessive smoke that comes from the exhaust system also indicates an oil leak. This problem can happen due to a variety of reasons that includes:

  • Piston wear
  • Damaged valve seals
  • Damaged piston rings
  • Gas leak
  • Damage in engine oil seals
  • Failure of the head gasket


Watch out for these signs in your vehicle. If you relate it to anyone of them, then you must get it serviced at the earliest.

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