The Pros & Cons Of Mahindra Mojo – The Tourer Bike

The Pros & Cons Of Mahindra Mojo – The Tourer Bike

Mahindra Mojo has already created a buzz in the market with its attractive looks and amazing features. Its demand is said to be rising every week. It is considered one of the best sportbike in its segment and is launched at a perfect price tag. Customers who bought the vehicle are praising about its amazing features. Let’s compare the pros and cons of the all new Mahindra and learn more about it throughout this analysis.

Pros of Mahindra Mojo

Here, we provide you with advantages that come with the bike. It will prove to be helpful to make a right choice while purchasing your new bike.

Looks and Style

The youngest member of Mojo family is designed and styled beautifully. The bike comes with an attractive design and a unique style that is sure to impress bike lovers. Mahindra Mojo is comes in three different shades – Volcano red, Glacier White and Charcoal black. If you are looking for an attractive, stylish bike then Mahindra Mojo will fit perfectly in your zone.

Economical Pricing

The bike is priced perfectly so as to attract bike enthusiasts. The ex-showroom price is 158,000 Rs whereas the on-road price is 163,000 Rs depending upon the season. The price of Mahindra Mojo is quite economical and within budget as compared to other 295 cc sport bikes. Being pocket-friendly, it is a good choice for those who are looking to buy a new sport bike.

Exceptional Servicing

Good Servicing and maintenance has always been our top priority before making a bike purchase. However, Mahindra assures you of timely service and quick maintenance throughout the year. This Indian company has a vast service network that guarantees you quality service.

Great Mileage

Usually, we assess a vehicle by how good its mileage is. You will be glad to know that Mahindra Mojo, being a tourer, gives an impressive mileage of 25-35 kmpl on an average. The fuel tank can store up to 21 liters of fuel that can last up to 500+ kms. So you don’t have to worry about refilling your tank frequently.

Top Speed

Mahindra Mojo top speedis said to be among the best in its segment which is at 155 km/hr. You can enjoy the full capability of what this amazing bike has to offer on a free highway where you can clock its highest speed. Although the official figure is mentioned as 155 km/hr but the original Mahindra Mojo top speed is claimed by users at around 125 km/hr.

Cons of Mahindra Mojo

The bike also has its cons, though very less than the pros. But it can be an important factor that will help you to make a right decision while buying a sport bike.


Apart from all the amazing features that Mahindra Mojo offers, the lack of ABS can be a setback for those who are looking to buy this bike. If ABS is one of the features you are looking for in a sport bike, you might have to go for another option in the same segment.

The Last Words

These are the various pros and cons of Mahindra Mojo. As you can see, pros outweigh the cons by a big margin and thus it is worth to be considered while you are all set to buy a new bike. Mahindra Mojo’s right pricing, high mileage, good servicing and attractive looks sets the bar high. For those who are looking for an ABS feature in a sport bike may be disappointed but overall, Mahindra Mojo is a great buy.

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