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“Julio! Get the Stretch!” screams an ecstatic Bruno Mars in the song Uptown Funk. And with good reason. This truly is the car for the stars to arrive at that red-carpet premiere or out on the town.Apparently, it’s also to go to that last night school prom and for rocking hen nights. The Limo has always been associated with extravagance and luxury even if you’ll not drive it the Chauffeur will. It’s the only way to travel on 4 wheels if you’ve got a special occasion. It does have more practical functions providing transport for the British Queen and President of the United States. A fancy car. Let’s hear more about it.

There’s not a car maker called Limousine. The Limo is a style that manufacturers design and create for. There are many types but the established, and most well known are the Cadillac and Lincoln make, though the Far East constructors like Hyundai and Toyota are also in the market. Imagine then having a fleet of these, as some companies do. Managing it is quite a task so it’s good to know that folks like able to do it especially if you are looking for Leicester Car Leasing or any other part of the UK.

The car design dates back to 1902.The name Limousine comes, surprisingly from a French word relating to the hood that a shepherd wore. The car also involved a covering for the driver, quite unusual for the time and the shepherd Chauffer link is seen as they “lead” the passengers into town. The Stretch Limo that Bruno got so excited about doesn’t appear until 1926 and it comes, naturally, from the United States. Whatever the style it was intended that this car should carry up to 5 to 6 passengers in comfort. This placed the car in the luxury car market for the wealthy. However, governments also use this as the style of choice as it allows for dignitaries to discuss matters of state and also be seen by the public. It has meant that the Limo has undergone security changes such as bullet-proof glass more here on that, and roll bars with toughened frames.

A much happier application is the rise of the Limo as the fun night out the car.Its intention is to get the party started and with a massive sound system and mini bar with Champagne on the ice who can say it doesn’t. The Lincoln Town Car is the most popular example of this. Traditionally white it can come in vibrant Pink and usually does for that hen night we mentioned earlier. For the more modern twist, there is also a Stretch Hummer. The Hummer is primarily a military transport vehicle but its popularity with Urban Music stars has meant a new market has opened up for it. Certainly, a great way to get to “The Spot” this Saturday night as Bruno seeks to get to. Enjoy your evening Mr. Marrs!

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